Monday, March 30, 2020

Relevant to the times, staying indoors and working on stories.

Also relevant to the times 'Soul Link: Love Across Lifetimes' began as journaling and writing memories

If you have never written a eulogy you might give it a practice try.
I assure you it is difficult, a life review is quite similar.

Writing down recollection of good times, happenings or things one is grateful for and having an appreciation for all the mysteries that one encounters.  Look back in note-taking those small but important events that changed you're trajectory and got you on a path to reach joy and accomplishments no matter the size. 

Your story is one that you own, it is the authentic self.  Reading such stories makes life delicious and desirable.  Life Stories, is that not why we spend so much time reading blogs, going to movies, etc.

This week I have been busy illustrating my Anthology Of Short Stories.  It will
take some time still but I am so excited to be back working on that book.

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