Friday, November 22, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.
My favorite meal begins with Quron - meat-free nutrition.  Amazingly yummy!
Check out the Vegetarian sections at your grocery store.

I have also been busy painting in the color of Christmas.
See a couple of my artworks here. Perhaps I have found a new subject for my portfolio!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

I am having a whale of a time with art creations.
This canvas is 8" x 40" and I am anxiously wondering how
I should complete it.  Awesome, don't you think?

The animation is fun.  In this short video clip,
I start with the artwork at the beginning of progress and
then it becomes more filled in with colors.

It is like seeing what goes on in the artists' mind while
painting.  It is never just a flat surface but the art comes to life.

The Grey Whale is the color of gray and can grow to be as large as ten elephants!
They are precious beings.

The photo here is of the whale completed with a metal frame from my favorite place to shop 'American Frame':

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Happy Holiday. It is colorful in November and now nearly December!
'Soul Link' - a great easy read book 🙋
will start getting its press release kit organized.

In the meanwhile, I have been painting.
Life moves on and soon we will be putting up the holiday
twinkle lights.

Books are always the best gifts.

This art video is reduced and did not get the music in it.
The other one was oversized
for this blog.  It is all good, enjoy.

The artworks completed in the photos below:  The critter is a Humboldt Marten.