Sunday, November 27, 2022

November continues to bless us with creative projects.

Today I had the semi-gloss gray-toned paint for an industrial look onto the corner chairs. So excited to get to this point in the project. As you can see in the photos attached that I have cut stencils out to resemble wheels and gears. Then used spackling to emboss the stencil designs onto the the backside of the chairs. Once the spackling was dry and sanded down I painted on 'Peel Stop, Triple Thick high-build binding primer.  The front of the chairs will only have the stencil painted (sponged on) wheels and gears. All the fabrics for the cushions are in the 'steampunk theme'
'. And lastly, we had some dry roses to dab into the paint for added bling to the door wreath this year. Isn't that cool looking? Gray color in progress images.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Started a new project today.

My neighbor was ready to get rid of a couple 'corner' chairs, so I have taken on the challenge to remake them into something else. This project may take a few months.I will post progress every month until they are done. This is fun because I've never owned a corner chair before! The arrow accent board is done, and it is super nice. I can imagine it on the wall in many directions, but for today it is hung up on the door. 11-15-22, Kilz primer paint added, and it is looking great! 11-20-22, The corner chairs are starting to look industrial with the legs added.

Monday, November 7, 2022

Thank You Veterans 11-11-2022.

Veteran's day is almost here, Thank You. I am also wishing everyone a happy mid-term election day. I have started working on my new 3-D accent board. Using a jigsaw I cut an arrow shape out of a chalk board. This board will not have as many attachments as the others. I scraped the paint across the board to create a kind of vintage look. Watch for more updates this month. Have a fantastic week. June