Thursday, March 5, 2020

Creative Framing in Corvallis OR has great frames and my art this month.

Dorrance Bookstore has my book Soul Link as an e-book now.  Isn't that convenient and works with all devices for reading.  I hope by April the Soul Link book web page and blog will be up. 

This month of March I have some of my paintings at Creative Framing in Corvallis.  It is such a nice shop! I've attached some photos and it is easy to find off  9th st. and near Walnut St
They have a door greeting dog that is so sweet.  It is with the Corvallis Art Guild that I hang my art up around town.

Below is Marys Peak in Philomath Oregon.  I took this photo today by getting into the center!  It was a quick snap photo.  This photo is going to be a painting project for me after I finish those horses.
Mary's Peak as of today still has snow up on the top.  Isn't that fun.  So close to the beach and still getting to see snow.

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