Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Adding gold flakes to my happy art.

The Tangled Man worked out so nicely. The gold leaf just added enough bling to make elegance happen. The gold flakes also added joy to my other art works. The word is that in this current game of chess we have checked the opponent and are ready to move into checkmate. Blessings from heaven. Smile,enjoy life, it is what we are made for.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Sun photos and The Tangled Man.

I had fun the other day with a green lens on my camera. It was a clear day so I snapped some photos of the sun. With PhotoShop's solarization effect I could pull out the light reflections from the lens. A rather otherworldly-looking sky when taken with this technique. See the difference from the photo without the PhotoShop effect and the after effect. I made another stop at the ReStore store and picked up a thin wood board for $2.00 as I wanted to make another 'Tangled Man' wood art piece. The first one I made was back in 2017 and it turned out great. See the 'wood face in contemplation' photo attached. Check back later this month and see how the wood art piece turned out. Oh, I had taken the green lens out from the steampunk goggles and replaced them with violet lens. That is how I got the green lens for my photos. Notice I did fix the wood wing and it looks great now. I am thinking by the end of this month we will be looking at a new financial system. Seems gold-backed digital currency is in demand, so let's go and get on board with that.