Saturday, August 14, 2021

Staying active with hobbies, art, and healthy living.

August is hot, smokey and full of inspiration. I have taken some great sky photos in regards to smoke in the air from all the wild fires. A good friend needed help with creating art covers for her cottage guest books at the Painted Hills Vacation Cottages. That was fun, I would not have thought to paint book covers before this. Growing sprouts is an excellent idea. Here I have started growing Chia, it is my first time for that seed. Usually I grow Mung or Alfalfa. Get the seeds at a natural health store before they all sell out. Sprouts and lemon peel on a salad are excellent sources of nutrition. Keep lemons in the freezer so it is easy to grate off the pee. add the peel to water or salads. I have found a wonderful tea (on Amazon for this flavor) it is, Turmeric, Orange & Star Anise Tea. Star Anise and Pine needle tea are great sources for Detox-remove toxicity of Nanotechnology. I also really like 'Wiley's Finest Bold Heart by Cardiosmile. It is 2000 mg Pine Tree Plant Sterols. As we all know Turmic is fantastic, and tastes really good in the tea mentioned above. Stay of positive cheer and enjoy everyday. Blessings, June