Monday, March 30, 2020

Relevant to the times, staying indoors and working on stories.

Also relevant to the times 'Soul Link: Love Across Lifetimes' began as journaling and writing memories

If you have never written a eulogy you might give it a practice try.
I assure you it is difficult, a life review is quite similar.

Writing down recollection of good times, happenings or things one is grateful for and having an appreciation for all the mysteries that one encounters.  Look back in note-taking those small but important events that changed you're trajectory and got you on a path to reach joy and accomplishments no matter the size. 

Your story is one that you own, it is the authentic self.  Reading such stories makes life delicious and desirable.  Life Stories, is that not why we spend so much time reading blogs, going to movies, etc.

This week I have been busy illustrating my Anthology Of Short Stories.  It will
take some time still but I am so excited to be back working on that book.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Spirit of Paavo a short story available as e-book with Blurb

I had a chance to update my short story "Spirit of Paavo" and again found Blurb convenient for this type of oral history.

It is a great story and a worthwhile read.  The story starts back in 1896 and moves forward.

I hope everyone is staying healthy.

An interesting article for 'Today's Finland' by Anu Partanen (author of the book "The Nordic Theory of Everything"  Check out this article, very informative reading.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Soul Link: Love Across Lifetimes, this is a sample video clip which I made for the book.

I was able to
create most of this video on my Windows 10 Azure and finished with Adobe Spark on a different laptop.  It is my hope that I will be able to imagine a different video layout for the book Soul Link: love Across Lifetimes. The goal is to create a 30 second video that will bring out more of the mystical side of the story, but this is what I have so far.  Hope you find it intriguing or at least amusing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Horse Stampede and Soul Link available at Barnes and Noble's Nook

My book "Soul Link - Love Across Lifetimes" is now available at the 'Nook' see link above.

The Horse Stampede canvases are done.
You can purchase high-quality products with the Horse Stampede images on them, just see the link above at Fine Art America.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Creative Framing in Corvallis OR has great frames and my art this month.

Dorrance Bookstore has my book Soul Link as an e-book now.  Isn't that convenient and works with all devices for reading.  I hope by April the Soul Link book web page and blog will be up. 

This month of March I have some of my paintings at Creative Framing in Corvallis.  It is such a nice shop! I've attached some photos and it is easy to find off  9th st. and near Walnut St
They have a door greeting dog that is so sweet.  It is with the Corvallis Art Guild that I hang my art up around town.

Below is Marys Peak in Philomath Oregon.  I took this photo today by getting into the center!  It was a quick snap photo.  This photo is going to be a painting project for me after I finish those horses.
Mary's Peak as of today still has snow up on the top.  Isn't that fun.  So close to the beach and still getting to see snow.