Thursday, September 2, 2021

Happy September Everyone, my new family-time travel booklet is almost done.

I have really enjoyed this past year making family heritage booklets. My goal was to have it all completed before October 2021,and I've done it. That is to say, I have gone as far as I intend to go with that project. The Petrie-Salchert booklet will be available later this month at I have also completed a large painting of Odin riding our of Valhalla with his hero friends. You can find that painting on-line 'art by June Nissinen at Pixel's dot com'. Have a great month and enjoy the fall colors as we quickly approach the 'great finanical global reset'. Blessings, June Nissinen

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Staying active with hobbies, art, and healthy living.

August is hot, smokey and full of inspiration. I have taken some great sky photos in regards to smoke in the air from all the wild fires. A good friend needed help with creating art covers for her cottage guest books at the Painted Hills Vacation Cottages. That was fun, I would not have thought to paint book covers before this. Growing sprouts is an excellent idea. Here I have started growing Chia, it is my first time for that seed. Usually I grow Mung or Alfalfa. Get the seeds at a natural health store before they all sell out. Sprouts and lemon peel on a salad are excellent sources of nutrition. Keep lemons in the freezer so it is easy to grate off the pee. add the peel to water or salads. I have found a wonderful tea (on Amazon for this flavor) it is, Turmeric, Orange & Star Anise Tea. Star Anise and Pine needle tea are great sources for Detox-remove toxicity of Nanotechnology. I also really like 'Wiley's Finest Bold Heart by Cardiosmile. It is 2000 mg Pine Tree Plant Sterols. As we all know Turmic is fantastic, and tastes really good in the tea mentioned above. Stay of positive cheer and enjoy everyday. Blessings, June

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Happy July. I finished a new book and painting! My new book the Olson family line, combined with some Norse mythology is available at Blurb dot com. Check out my latest painting, "Community Rises Up To 2021", it is available at Fine Art America.
I have been feeling the need to stay creative and mentally active this summer, so I started working on the German family line as a little book. Family History combined with stories is a great way to have holiday gifts or attend Scandinavian Festivals. Plus so much more. Blurb Trade Books are easy and quick. Blurb uses 'Bookwright' format, it is affordable and easy to learn.
Stay positive and creative. 2021 is really amazing. Blessings to you all.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy July 4th everyone.

My July 4th project was to pick cherries, which I did and then proceeded to make cherry muffins from cornbread, Jello, and canned some sauce for later use. It was successful as you can see in these photos. I have almost completed my new little book in regards to family time-travel. This is the book cover idea that I have at the moment. Once again Happy Independence Day! God Bless America.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Allow time to get inspiration from Mother Nature.

I am happy to report that the T-shirt graffiti paint stayed on after a few washings. 'See previous post', here is a photo of me in one of my 'T-shirt creations'. Pine Needle tea, Pine Needle oil, Pine bark, all of these are great tasting ways to get mentally calm about the current times and headline news. I have added Ginger Ale to my Pine needle tea for added flavor. Make your homemade Pine Needle tea: Pick fresh needles from trees, such as Norway pine, soak in hot water until the needles sink, then strain and enjoy. I make up a batch and store it in the refrigerator to drink as cold tea. The 'home remedy for flu season' can also be stored in the freezer. It is a big batch with the attached recipe of 2 grapefruits and 3 to 4 lemons, boiled in 9 cups of water and srain. The liquid is taken as 2-tablespoons. It does not taste good, but it is good for you. The world will be going back to more natural health remedies, as that has proven to be a very good preventive and affordable method. And it was the way of our grandparents. My family used Baking Soda for everything during my childhood years living on a farm. Take your shoes off, enjoy the energies of Mother Nature through the feet allowing the sunshine to bath over you. So get outside and enjoy life 'off and away from electronics' each day. Life is wonderful when you unplug. Blessings for your 2021 revitalizing of self and family year. June

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Fabric Markers on T-shirts has been a very good project.

I came across some low priced T-shirts and Graffiti fabric markers. Now I am adding art designs to white shirts. Next month I will get back to my writing. Yes, I did cut the necklines on the T-shirts and decorated the cut edges.