Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Closing out 2020 and bringing in the new year 2021.

I am closing out 2020 with a rough draft of my newest family history in story form book, "Happy Discovers the Patrick Porter family line", this is both a tentative title and book cover. Progress is goring really well, so that is uplifting as a writer. Miracles can happen in 2021. Get those 'Visionary Boards' created for 2021, what you dream can happen. Best Regards, June

Monday, December 21, 2020

Beauty of a rainbow in a chakra suncatcher.

This is a cellophane and stick craft for the celebrration of 12-21-2020 the winter solstice. The rainbow colors are representations of our bodies chakra colors. Also in thought of Metratrons Cube. This craft is also a good example of the Orion Cube. Now the window will be ablaze in sunlight rainbows. This craft took nearly seven days from start to finish.