Thursday, April 11, 2024

A couple of my favorite Eclipse - Sky - Cloud captures.

Earth's Magnetic Field, the 'Torus' in the cloud swirl, seen often like an owl face. The Star design around the eclipse of the Sun, with a Heart cloud formation designed naturally. And of course, the Sun being eclipsed in the left corner by the moon's shadow, and by using CANVA to lighten the photo The Sun Spot shows up nicely. All of these photos are taken with a Canon PowerShot camera. My photos are nearly as good as NASA's, so really speaking, how close is this sun to Earth, it would be nice to hear more about the atmosphere on the Moon. NORAD also has photos they keep out of the public's eye. With all the eyes on the skies on April 8th, many images of 'odd objects' were captured, the UAPs, drones, light movement, etc.. Was the 'Don't watch the eclipse' warning simply so we would pay more attention to what might also be an event in our sky? Well, they won't tell, so we will keep recording any sky anomaly that happens around us in our everyday lives. As always, Walk in life with a happy heart.

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