Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Happy Fall Equinox.

Hello Everyone, The cool breeze of fall is already in the air. I just started working on this dresser which I picked up at the Habitat for Humanities, the ReStore store. I still have more work to do on it, but I wanted to share the progress. I am going with the rustic theme. The paint is being used as a wash to give a stained look. Meet 'Rose', she a fabric puppet that I had time to create. Hand-sewing projects are so relaxing. Also, with my Uncle's Y-DNA results he was able to trace the family tree back to the medieval times. Gosh, it was so interesting, and the only thing I could think about was making a little book. Canva.com has great cover ideas for books, as you can see in this photo. We can all feel the wave of energy bringing us closer to NESARA / GESARA, The global reset, a fresh start to make things right. It is the glimmer of exciting times for everyone to finally breath that sigh of relief and feel the blessings that are surrounding us. Cheers to a happy fall season.

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