Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Flower art board as decoration for the bookshelves - Happy October.

I picked up some boards at the 'ReStore store' and cut them with a jigsaw. The idea for the smaller board, which is 44 inches in length, will be a object collector. Kind of like a pin board of cool looking stuff, like cabinet knobs, keys, sun, moon, and other pretty things. It is work in progress at the moment. Photos to follow later this month. If the social media networks go down you can still find me on Twitter. Congratualtion to Elon Musk. Way to go! Free speech is important. Also, Starlink might even save the planet. Anyway, I heard that Telegram will keep running if some of internet goes down, while we transfer over to Starlink. October will be a month to remember, keep your eyes on Oct. 8th, Oct 10th 'Columbus Day' and 29th. Journaling is a great way to capture your views on this event of returning to the gold backed currency. Blessings to everyone. June

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