Monday, July 11, 2022

That swivel table is all done. Plus, some smart Prairie Dogs.

Be positive and attract the positive. Find the 'why' in being positive each day. While in Montana last month I visited a Prairie Dog Village. The cutest critters. Here are a couple of my favorite photos from that terrific morning. Also the finished swivel table. It holds a TV in my art space. Be ready for the 4 financial pillars of the Forex markets to fall. Pillar one fell with that guidestone monument. Forex markets are London, Sydney, Tokyo and New York. Stock up with the idea that money is changing to Silver. Not advice, just saying watch what the news is not saying. For more info follow the Whiplash group - Whiplash347 - on Telegram. Oh, I had to close my chat due to bots taking over with ads for gambling casinos. Have a terrific day and Happy belated Birthday Mr. Tesla.(7-10-1856)

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