Friday, January 10, 2020

Preparations continue for Feb. Art showing at Art in the Valley Gallery

I have decided to use a gloss Gamvar sealer on my
artworks set to be shown at the Art in the Valley Gallery next month.
My theme 'Landscapes of Southwestern Oregon' + a couple others.

At this time my paintings are in the process of drying while I continue to create a few more.
You can get an idea of my work in the photos attached.  My thought here is to have
these artworks available for purchase as prints in Feb. on 'Fine Art America's website'.
Please watch for updates on that.

With all the excitement of my book 'Soul Link - Love Across Lifetimes'
making its debut I find satisfaction, clarity, and calmness for positive
outcomes with all of these creations.

     "This story is of a software engineer graduate of OSU who chooses to live a life of spirt and as aware consciousness.  Perhaps his choices had been influenced by the 1960 era or as it may seem that he was already enlightenment that was on a soul journey. The story is interspersed with Life- Reviews, poetry, and philosophy."

It is through these imaginings and creations that I find so much joy.
And that joy again experienced by sharing them with the all of you.

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