Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Chatting again on movies.  Westworld Season 2, finally watched it and was impressed.
The levels of thought and mental trails to follow with the hosts' memories of their other lives which they had lived in the theme park.  Is it not similar to past lives!

Einstein said 'according to stories' that Time doesn't exist.  It is all relative. The
future you and you now - both exist at the same time.  I had tried to show that
in a collage art piece that I had created years ago.  I did find that image
in my computer video artworks collections.  Maybe you can see the dual Einstein in the art.


It is also quite like the future world as imagined by Ray Kurzweil in the next 80 years.
Click on the link below to see Westworld image. Yes it is an older flick, but worth the
watching, watching it with an active mind on the writer's storyline.


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