Thursday, February 14, 2019

I have
noticed that Feb. 17, 2019, has popped up,
where Feb 17, 2018, was the actual life-changing event in my life,
my mind seems focused on this upcoming Feb., 17th.

I am looking forward to any sign from the universal mind as to 'what's up man'.
It most likely has to do with the unity of all things in the flow of life.

When I am not busy with writing I find mediation in art.  This book 'Soul Wink'
does have a series of art scenes which will be displayed one day at an art show.

Stay posted for updates.

Profound peace to you all.

June Nissinen

P.S.  I wanted to share the paint product that I use for all of my artworks!
I cannot possibly end without telling you about Golden Heavy Body Paint. Why because I use it, year after year. And I will tell you why: (see product link below)
Back in 2014, Mitchell, Oregon hired me to restore wood
art panels created by the school youth. The panels had faded over the years from the direct sunlight.
The panels today, even in the recent April flood, prove the high the quality value you get in Heavy Body Golden paint products.
I use this paint for everything both outdoors and indoors.
I have even painted metal propane tanks with this great paint!
(You can see that at the Painted Hills Vacation Rentals in Mitchell.)

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